The Colts Neck High School NJROTC Parent’s Club is governed by an Executive Board consisting of a President(s), Vice President(s), Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer. The Senior Naval Science Instructor (S/NSI) serves as an adjunct officer of the board without voting rights. These officers have been nominated and elected during a general membership meeting in May.

Presidents of the Parent’s Club Executive Board
The Presidents of the Executive Board are Ms. Hiedi Pollicove and Ms. Isabel DeMuth. The Presidents shall preside over all meetings of the Parent’s Club and perform duties prescribed by the By-Laws, membership, or executive board. The Presidents shall coordinate the work of the officers and committee chairpersons in order to ensure that objectives may be promoted and implemented throughout the year.

Vice Presidents of the Executive Board
The Vice Presidents of the Executive Board are Ms. Elaine McNamara and Ms. Nancy McNamara. The Vice Presidents shall act as an aide to the Presidents and shall perform the duties as President in the absence or disability of the incumbent, as well as perform other duties assigned by the board.

Recording Secretary
The Recording Secretary is Ms. Jennifer Albaladejo. The secretary shall record the minutes of the meetings of the Parents Club and Executive Board, prepare minutes to be presented for approval at the following meeting, keep records of board member’s attendance, and act as a custodian of all records except those specifically assigned to others.

Corresponding Secretary
The Corresponding Secretary is Ms. Kim Deissler. The Corresponding Secretary is responsible for receiving all correspondence, notifying members of meetings, sending mail pertaining to board matters and sharing correspondence with the Executive Board and members at meetings. The Secretary also maintains a membership list and notifies committee chairs of their appointments.

The Treasurer is Ms. Linda Alviggi. The Treasurer shall receive all monies of the Parent’s Club and make deposits. The Treasurer shall keep an accurate record of receipts and expenditures and writes checks on behalf of the organization. The Treasurer is responsible for preparing monthly bank reconciliations and preparing financial status reports to the executive board and membership on a regular basis.

Assistant Treasurer
The Assistant Treasurer is Ms. Cindy Henn. The Assistant Treasurer shall work closely with the Treasurer and support the Treasurer in any and all ways deemed necessary.

Senior Naval Science Instructor of the Freehold Regional High School District NJROTC
The Senior Naval Science Instructor is Major Gregory J. Penczak, USMC (Ret). The S/NSI is an adjunct member of the Executive Board, and does not have voting rights. The S/NSI is relied upon my the Executive Board to provide suggestions and updates on unit activities, in which the Parent’s Club must become involved and provide support to the S/NSI and cadets.